Bitchin Camaros, out now….

When Stew Johnson, Veteran BMX filmers, leaves a message, that simply says “Aaron Ross Is a F#*@ing Animal”, then he must be doing something nuts. Heres a pic of him with a bank curb bunnyhop. Shitty pics of an awesome bike? Yes, Bitchin Camaro SS frames are out NOW. Captian Fun, C-hunk had his birthday party at Kennedy’s Fried Chicken Yesterday, and a bunch of us went down to get down. It is pretty funny when a guy from Pakistan who hardly speaks english is saying “Happy Birthday Chunk” and buddying up with him from behind the bulletproof glass.Buddy Tillman would be stoked. Big Dave was. Billy Ashby is on the East Coast, Lil Billy updates in a few. Now Playing, “Devil Woman”- The Accused.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall