We have been driving around a while, and are now in Wyoming. We spent the past few days in Iowa City, Des Moines, Omaha, and Lincoln. Tons of fun, and cool riders all along the way, and we need to thank all of them. So thanks. We will be in Salt Lake City this week, then Idaho, and Portland. Cameron Wood will be jumping in. Phil Wasson met up with us in Council Bluffs and Omaha, which was cool, until we got kicked out of the skatepark. Tomorrow There is a Memorial for Colion Winklemann in Greenville, Nyquist and Catfish and teh guys are pulling photos and Kind words together to pay respects. He asked me to say a couple of words, this is the best I could comeup with, i figure I would share it-“ryan,
its almost 3 am, and I am in a motel in Wyoming.
I spent most of the day driving across a flat, boring interstate 80.
It was ample time to try and come up with something important to say, but I am at a loss for words.
I did have a lot of memories to sift through though. Colin and I spent a good part of our time as friends traveling on roads just like the one I was on today. We travelled out of our teens, through a good part of twenties, and laughed almost the whole way.
Riding our bikes, traveling the across the country, living in that house in Indiana, it taught us a lot about life, and the frienships we developed, helped us learn about ourselves.
Colin had a huge impact on a lot of peoples lives, whether he had ever met them or not. As friends, and Family, that Impact was even greater.
Colin was a great friend, and I know ,myself as well as many others, gained a lot from his friendship. I am thankful for all the good times, and good people that passed by as a result of knowing Colin.
I will miss you buddy, thanks for everything.”
-Steve Crandall

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Dave King has been diagnosed with Lime disease. After abite on his leg became an issue, he went to the emergency room for treatment. They told him that if it went untreated, it could cause him to lose his mind. Huh, no worries there, Dave lost that a while ago. He will be taken the precations needed to still function normally, like crashing alot, drinking alot, and generally being hilarious. Below is a picture from another angle of Derrick at the Ithaca park, he lost his mind before he even got one. Look at that shitty landing… In FBM news, Staff and Albes have been added to the list of shops doing Video showings, check the Video page for more info. More news later….

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