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Just 4 images… Derrick Girard has a good time…

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No News…

Some Random pics… Greco through a contest at HCS on saturday, Sweet Baby sent over these 2 pics of Kyle Hibbard, who took second place behind FBM’s very own John Corts, who rigged the votes for the win. He pulled a john mclane off the semi. Sidecar motorcycles are cool, and so Is Chris from Mac5 up in Rochester who sent this pic over of a Pw Moto built up….

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No news….

No News today, other than its snowing, and the Last Call Van broke down last night, in an attempt to drive us all to a skatepark to go riding. It now site in a funeral home parking lot. Fitting. Anyhow, here is a pic of Gilly riding Posh, as seen by the ey and the Camera of febreeze enthusiast Makoto from Japan. Makoto and his friends are excited about cleaning products, one time while I was living with Big Dave, we had a Bday Party for Gilly and Myself, that virtually destroyed the house leaving it coated witha filth consisting of cocoa butter and cheap beer. I bought some Goo Gone to try and clean up, the next day, and Makoto looked at it and says”you like googone?” It was awesome. Kerry Sayre is giving away free beer and Cocoa butter at Rise Above, and showing the Movie RAD. Sweet deal. Kerry would have been stunned if he saw what went down the night of the Goo Gone. I don’t think Corrigan was there, but he did just get back from the Grand Canyon, wher he and Wessal built a quarter mile runway for a motorcycling base jumper.Lou Bickle was on hand to try and catch the motorcycle when it landed, and is considering filming for a sequal to Albert Street. Toast sent over a pic as well, sans Bobcat, and is currently listening to the Accused, and looking for his leather jacket. In othernews, its snowing. Didi I already mention that?

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No news?

Empire had a video premiere for “half and half” at the Ritz on Saturday. I guess it went well, and they showed a Liquor Bikes vid as well. Thanks to Tom and Tina, and the Ritz for that one. Ride Magazine Editor Kieth Mulligan was in town this weekend, He and I were both nursing whiplash stiffness from the derby last week. We rode a bit, and he shot some cool pics of the guys. Heres a shot of Tag over pegging the sub rail at the pool, and John Corts with a big ol’ Feeb. Bugsy also Smithed the Bridge, that Tag was Feebling on an older FBM poster. It was awesome. First run he did with a cigarette in his mouth, singing Bob Dylan. If you are interested in the Machine shop, where kick ass bikes are made, and Curtis lurks around, the guys have a news column on the shop talk page, check that out once in a while for updates on what the crew is up to. In other news, Gilly and Dave King are in L.A. building the X games Dirt ramps, Tag left for Louisville, and Kelly is going to see a specialist this wee about his back, which has been bothering him. Cameron Wood is an ape, and Shanton Wilson, he is too. No word on Teeny Cardona lately though, but Ryan Corrigan has been busy bartending, feeding phones to his dog, and picking colors for next years Outsider frames. Derrick Girard went Canoeing today with Nutter and 30 Beers, i’ll let you know tomorrow if they survived… Word!

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