Denim and Leather!

Several topics to be blogged this moment, for starters, Ramp Riders in St. Louis is having a BMX Bicycle Contest on December 11th, and w will be there handing out hi fives and knuckle sandwiches, under the watchful eye of Doug Guilliams who will be on hand to make sure no one stops smiling! check the Flyer for more info. Ginch Bros, the spawn of Doug will be juiced, and loose, it should be an extra midwestern good time!
The unruly mob at Helensvale BMXsent over this shout about Luke Gilford Retro Custom FBM. Afterwards, Mitch won an arm wrestling match with a gorilla, and pinned a grizzly bear!
Peep the Video below of FBM friend Anthony Maynard from Allegheny Skatepark.
Good times, get radical!

Anthony Maynard Edit from zack gerber on Vimeo.

Classy! Buck Chauncey Sporter neal via rick crossman on an FBM Heathen!

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Denim and Leather

I woke up today and listened to Saxon. John Corts has a couple of pics up on the Ride site, from the daily updates. We have been filming a John Corts commercial with the help of Team major Air and Big Dave, for Props, which should be funny. Here is john trying a downtube stall on a subrail at the pool. Ice money and Chickenrap? wheres Dunny? I attached apic of Dave King, Van, and I with some guy we met at Shortstop Last Night. Espn flew them in for a spotlight on BMX pro’s favorite sandwhiches. Dave got a seitan sub. Van got a grilled cheese. Aaron Ross, Leif Valin and Tony Hamlin all have updated rider pages. Tony’s dad also wakes up everyday, drinks a meatshake, and listens to Overkill really loud and bangs his head. 1 finger salute. Some of the Fbm team is preparing to embark on a transcontinental trip, with a grill, to promote the new Video and start Filming for a new Video. We’ll be taking the northern route, from Cleveland to Portland. If your shop or park is inbetween there, and you want to BBQ with some apes, and maybe ride a little, send us an Email. We’ll see if we can work something out. Holla!

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