Jeremy Pavia sent over a couple pics of Tundown matt at Xdreams in Rochester. The ramps up there will be providing refuge in the great northeast for a lot of riders this winter,as it is currently 28 degrees, and cold weather makes most riders nuts. The corts brothers have taken to starting their own cover band, “night moves” which is sid to be the best cover band since Ratt. Not only are the Corts brothers amazing riders, and totally awesome dudes, but they are also the best air guitarists in the susquehanna valley. If you want to see them in action, call Last Call and order the Team Major Air DVD, its a doozy. Toast was so stoked on that DVD, he said, “man kids can ride anything these days, but lets see them do it with a 25 pound bobcat on their back….” Now pLaying-the Cro Mags- “hard Times”

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