More pics from the weekend…

Well, i was going to post some funny pics of Kelly, but I don’t have them, HE ate shit in a childrens superman costume at the trails, and Kod himself, and this is what he had to say this morning-“dude i look like im in a fight club or something. im all sore from wreckin, my face is cut up and last night a bee flew across my yard and like 3d the dam thing flew right into my eye and stung me, so my eye is a ll puffy. i look like i got hit by a truck.”- KB. Captain Fun and John Lee might have been the happiest dudes I’ve seen in a while after the weekend sesh. Thier trails were 20 feet under water after the flood, so they were bummin hard, but a few good tabletops later, and it was all smiles. Throw in a few jumps witha hotdog and milkshake, and well… Chris Hancock’s Table tops are classic. I like them. In case you didn’t know, John works at FBM/Last Call, and Ken, who shot all the pics is a welder at FBM, pretty good combo, kick ass riding, and awesome pics. The last pic is Mork Wood, AKA, “woody”, riding the new ramp at 4down. Woody has been around since the Fat House days, and was dressed as Bruce Willis from Die Hard, last time i was in hastings. Corts’ are stoked….

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More Pics from the weekend…

Here are soem added random pics from the NEwark Valley bike party, and the Bone Deth. I think Shannon Baker shot the pics from Newark Valley,and Mike corts sent the others….. Summer weekends doing bmx is fun…..

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