Mike Tag Benefit Jam

We haven’t sorted all the details yet, But I wanted to get the date out there, so People can plan in advance. For anyone who doesn’t know, Long time FBM Rider, Friend, and all around badass Mike Tagliavento was diagnosed earlier this month with Stage ll Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
He does not have health insurance, and Can’t work, so we are doing what we can to help out, be supportive, raise money, raise his spirits, and get behind him in his battle!
There will also be a local fundraiser in Ithaca at Silky Jones’ Saturday, May 14 at 9:00pm, music, good times, and more!
Get Stoked!

Mike tag= The enforcer!

The Fat House days...

Toast, Crandall and Tag, circa Live Fast Die era/

This is not the raddest photo I have ever shot of Mike Tag. Get well soon friend!

Mike Tag, circa 1989-90, My parents yard, Ithaca NY.

Forgash, Erbles and Tag, circa the Albert St era.

Gilly, Tag, Bones, and crandall, 20 some years ago!

Me and Mike Tag.

what a crew!