Mike Corts milkshake Challenge, and Ryan Smith pics…

Ryan Smith shot some photos with his buddy Seth, and sent them up. Ryan is curently helping us test out the new Aaron Ross prototype, and looks to be putting it to good use. Expect to see Ryan riding in the next Mega Tour, as he was on the trip with A-dog, and the Texas Terribles. Stoked. Big Dave and John Corts bet Mike corts a whopping 5 bucks he couldn’t finish a milkshake out of the huge Margerita glass they had at the house. 3/4’s of a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream, some milk and almost 2 hours later, Mike finished the treat, and passed out on the couch. He was overheard saying- “I feel like eating a steak”, 45 minutes into the challenge. No one knows why, but immediately after waking up, he was wearing skin tight purple pants, and a sleeveless leather vest, in an attempt to get himself ready for the WASP concert in Detroit this weekend. A few of us will be at the Ratty fest in Milwaukee this weekend, see you there….?

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