Team FBM gets ratty….

Team FBM got 2nd at the the Ratty fest, behind Steve Cuesta who won the whole thing by being able to put with the Chris Gerber. They also had a Toddler on the team that Tony Hamlin threw a Veggie Hot dog at after he tried a 360 flip. The Legendary Shawn Arata had no idea there was a contest 45 minutes from his house, but showed up to help secure a top placing. Tony Hamlin did bowlegged x-ups, and twin put a hot dog in his spokes and pretended it was his wiener. Tony Cardona won the best trick comp, and an Ipod courtesy of Empire. He was pumped. catfish had a racoon skin cap on, and asked Cuesta if there was a hot dog in his pants, or if he was just happy to see him…Strange.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall