Tony Hamlin Face.

Wednesdays are bike nights at Xdreams in Rochester, so we went up there and rode the bowl for hours, and then watched the Tony Hamlin show. Steve Debusk was in the house as well, riding with a high level of awesomeness, His buddy blake is 13 years old, and was wearing an “I love my bicycle” shirt. Blake was riding well, and was not even born yet when I drew that shirt in the early nineties. That was strange. Tommy Shakedown gave me 100 bucks to put his picture on the website.So here it is, pay up sucker. Tommy is the local shredder on the green PW. Fisher rode good, and got a 74 year old lady to buy him beer after a ledge hop tailwhip. Tony took hom ethe wednesday night gold medal though, with no hander 180’s, alley 720’s and tailwhips to turndown. I about shit when I saw that.Look for Tony at Ratty fest this weekend, he’ll be the one making wierd faces. Now Playing- Descendents – “Bonus Cups”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall