Mexican Candy Challenge Numero Dos: No Fiesta

Speaking of Mexican stuff, this here photo is Nasty Nate Richter, FBM's resident Mexican American shredder, poached from his Myspace that was poached from Vital. Sorry photographer guy.

Long time FBM supporter Josh Wier sent John Lee some Mexi candy after seeing our challenge and it showed up today. While some of it was pretty disgusting as usual, there were also some treats that tasted a lot better than dog crap.

Hubguards showed up today, since we are in challenge mode, there’s going to be another guess how many hubguards are in this pile contest. Send your guess to Check the pic somewhere below. The winner gets a hubguard in their color of choice.

Feel free to send us things of interest, candy works obviously, but don’t let that limit your imagination.

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If you send us something worthwhile, we’ll send you something back. Get to it.

Who wouldn't be enticed by baby poo on a spoon? Less than stoked. Mmmm, the coconut log. Syncro sugar and chilli powder showdown. This is what everyone looks like when Joby cranks up the Grindcore. Blech. Once again, the only stoked dude in the bunch. Delectable delights. We finally figured out if we didn't stack them in consistent heigths it would make figuring out the number a little harder. 1, 2, 3...GO!

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