Bark At The Moon

This is the new Howler down tube sticker....scary wolfman!

Man, it’s a beehive of activity around here. Imagine a swarm of mildly retarded bees zooming all over the place, that’s us. We’re getting our crate ready to send out to Vegas tomorrow. Say what? Tomorrow? Cutting it slightly close.

The nerds out back are building up the first go ’round of Supertherm frames. They do look dandy, and they’re the lightest FBM frames ever, which is terrible if you’re bitter, middle aged and unemployed, but hot shit if you’re positive, energetic and full of life. Take your pick at what you’d rather be full of, life or shit.

The new Maneater down tube sticker has to be one of the most homo-erotic images ever used in BMX. 09 colors...the Howler. Maneater Exodus Ivy 3 Supertherm frames moving on down the line. High polish Supertherm Vegpower tank Our booth isn't going to look like a turd this year.

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