Linkin logs…

Ruel Smith, up in the mix...

Ruel Smith, AKA “wormz” has a cool gallery posted over on the ESPN site, thanks to Tunney for getting that up.. Bike check with the Ru-man on its way…
Wilbur Barrick of 1201 fame posted up a story from the 2002 trip to the FBM/T1 comp in Austin Tx, on the Least Most, Also posted are some pics and other goodness randomly finding a home somewhere on the webbynets. Check it out.
Paul Radasovich, friend of FBM, And Ohio transplant via Allegheny NY posted a vid, shown below as well! Get awesome! Paul Does!
…and in case you forgot it was online, check out I love My Bicycle, a wholesome family classic about FBM, created by the weird and only Joe Stakun

The Skeleton. Pon Blocks!

Anti Christian Hewett. Pool Party!

Cranpa, AKA Wu Tang Cran, and the 36 chambers of fun. poolcarve. Xian pic.

Jeepers. Zac Costa!

Paul Radosevich – Cleveland Trifecta from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.