Ruel Smith on ESPN

Ruel Smith, the man behind the myth!

If you didn’t see it ESPN has a nice article on FBM/Animal Pro rider, Wormz, also known as Ruel Smith. John Tillman refers to him as the king of NYC, for all his late night exploits and legendary riding feats…
I asked Ruel if he wanted to a bike check today he said-
” My signature limited edition FBM/Animal collaboration frame.
Odyssey wheel set with vandero hub front and rear ( profile titanium
axle in rear).
Animal Tom White tire in rear, Tioga tire in front.
Profile crankset with titanium spindle, animal BB and animal Steven
Hamilton plastic pedals. Odyssey chain. Nice forks. Animal jumpoff
stem. Animal integrated headset.
FBM belmar bars. Animal Ed Delarosa grips. Animal pivotal seat with post.”

The FBM team, the crew, old friends, new, and the guys that Man the ship at FBM HQ are all awesome as shit,
Thanks dudes! If you Support FBM, you support these dudes, THANKS!

Ruel Smith sharing one with Zack Costa


lower torso. bike. hell ya.

The gang...