Get Stoked.

Doc Hollady, surfs up.

Erik Hollady, also known as Doc Hollady, AKA the wolfman, with a sunday afternoon carve on some asphalt. I witnessed some extra radical BMX awesomeness this weekend, I’ll work on dialing some pics to share soon.
In the meantime, check out the pork chops this dude is cooking up. Doc is one of those dudes, you see him doing the craziest shit on his bike, then 3 minutes later he’s pedaling down the street and hits a bump in the sidewalk, and slides on his face across the concrete, stands up, bloody, letting out a blood curdling screech, and rides away laughing.

Eric Hollady from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

This is one Awesome whip!

For the new season, we updated the colors onThe Berzerker . to trans black and trans copper, and raised the standover height from 7 3/4″ to 8 1/8″, and increased its radditude by 27%.
As you might know, these bikes are dialed and feature-
Featuring: SuperTherm top and down tubes,
3D laser cut 4130 chromoly top and down tube gussets,
a brazed on integrated seat post clamp,
brazed on removable 990 mounts and cable stop,
and tapered seat and chain stays.

For More info, hit up John Lee, or Brett Diener at Last Call.

Adam Guilliams, riding a Berzerker, getting awesome!
Tapered rear- Heat treated Drop outs!
Head Tube Angle- 75 degrees
Integrated seat clamp- removable brake mounts!