Life\’s A beach!

tom Blyth, Beach Party!

Tom Blyth And Kenny Horton recently won the Busch Gardens Beach Getaway weekend sweepstakes, with Tito,Big Daddy, Brad Gethard, Burtle Reynolds, Evan V. and Kitt West. The weekend trip included the guy from previous blog entries, a limousine ride, bikes, bevvy’s, babes, and all the waves your could shake a dead beaver at! here area few pics, enjoy!

limo Rides boat Parties Titoooo! Tito, tito! kitt West!

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Life’s a Beach!

The sun was released from a maximum security prison in upstate NY, and granted visitation rights to Ithaca and Binghamton. I celebrated on Suzuki, and Chunk released his own signature line of Life’s a Beach/ Rasta Inspired FBM products. BLOODCLOT! I am sure someone will think its cool, or funny. Buno was on hand to document the ordeal on a typewriter, while applying for a job as a secretary at FBM, Erbles quickly shot down the idea, as he interjected the irrelevance of a typewriter in the day to day office duties at FBM. Dang. Scott Towne has some really cool old pics up on the Deliverance site, Scott and I are working on organizing a Moto Trip later this year as well. Scott’s an alright dude. Other alright dudes include Brian Osbourne at Duffs, check Duffsbmx Dot Com, for news, and whatnot. Duffs has always supported FBM riders and Contests, Helping with the Ghetto comp, and stuff. Nike was so stoked on the ghetto comp, they drew the course and ran ads with it. WOW, I was stunned. Go Nike!
John Paul’s Birthday Celebration was like fun in the sun, minus the sun, heres a Pic from JPR’s party, just not sure which one, or what time era…, Lets Party… Infamous Nac Nac. Now playing, the Minutemen,-“maybe partying will help”.

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