Thank god its Monday…

Its monday, and the weather is awesome in NY. Tony Hamlin loves Good weather, Seitan subs, fun, and his grandparents. Kyle Opitz sent some pics of Tony Shredding in Rochester, and he went back in time, and shot these pics of Greg Francis in rochester, from the 80’s. Kyles quote of the day- “you can’t say April, with out APE!, heres some Tony Pics…” Cameron Wood had a trail Jam in Utah this weekend, and it sounds like it went well, check Merit Compatibles for a full report, and some cool pics. Cam and Tony C, along with the release of thier Pro Model Joint Frame, have been listed on the Duffsbmx site as being on the Pro team, as well, as Mark, “the sweet Dude” Mullvile. Congrattys buds. Kelly Baker shot this pic of CrazY Ken Musgrave, who is usually behind the lens on FBM site pics, here is doing something on a peg. I am currently sitting at the computer listening to “Soulforce Revolution” by 7 seconds, Arguably the worst one, I am not scared to listen to shitty post prime punk albums, I’ll also Listen to 4 on the floor by Dag Nasty, I’m not even scared. I listened to both Albums once while driving my Dads truck with no license when I was 16, looking for trails on Long Island, I ended up riding 2 or 3 sets by myself. It was awesome. Remember when people built trails? Ha! Dinosaurs these days….

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