Kelly Baker wins the Internet…

Kelly Baker is the only dude I know who has been kicked out of jail, besides his brother, who was with him when it happened. I don’t know trhe full story, but it has something to do with flooding the place, and hanging on the jail cell bars like monkeys and screaming. He is also the only dude I know who has 3 kids, a wife, a full time job, and 2 back surgeries under his belt, and still has the ability to get to the trails, work on them and also shred like a dude half his age, with 1/8 the responsibilities. APE! Here he is at his spot “Bakers Acres”. Dane Wild is becoming one of my favorire riders, he ha sa lot to learn from someone like Kelly, but Scott Towne at leats has hime learning kick ass table tops, and how not to be a wuss. Dane also rides for Albes and Deliverance, Both of which are out of Michigan. Gap to over toothpick is cool right? Leif Valin art strikes again. Now Playing Bad Religion- “billy” ( I like this song..)

Originally Posted by Crandall

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