4down Bbq in hastings…

The big news today is that there is no such thing as Newport cigarettes in Hastings. No one said “lemme git a packanewports” once in the history of the entire city until last night. 4down is talking about distributing the menthol cigarettes, and also Kennedy’s fried chicken, so I came over to the new Headquarters for a meeting and a BBQ. While at the meeting, with DeaneO, Ian and, Dandandan, Dancreaseybear showed up as did New FBMer Mark Tanner. Marks brother ross was not present as he was in Austin, being a complete terror. Later in the evening I spotted Dan Price, and Amos Burke. Legends. No red sweat pants though. After that spotting the guys from The Source, a bike shop here, not the Hip Hop magazine, spent an entire months earnings on tequila, Like it was nothing, that was a site. more news later, we are off to Cyclone cycles, to get ridiculed by John Dye….

Originally Posted by Crandall

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