Ivory Choppers, Kennedys, and Tony’s Face…

The New Chopper forks might look white in this photo, but thats just because its a shitty pic. They actually look really nice, and are an Ivory color (off white). Thank Jeff Harrington for the color pic on these Gems. They are the same color as his human bone rocking chair that he has at his house. Yesterday, Captain Fun, Tony Hamlin and myself went to Newburgh to work on some graphics with the guys from American Icon. Newburgh is so ratty that there are 3 Kennedy’s Fried Chickens, 2 within a block of each other. Chunk got a beef patty cocoa bread with cheese, and couldn’t believe the double pane bullet proof windows. Stoked. Anyhow, Rob and Andy have a cool shop with a couple ramps, and they also print shirts for bands like “the number12 looks like you” and David Lee Roth, as well as Animal bike co, and CW Racing. David Lee Roth has a super High Jump kick. One of the American Icon riders “dan’ was in the house, he is a beast. Peep the website for some of the stuff they print for them selves, nice stuff. Yeah man, Hey man. The Frank. Anyhow, Its Tuesday in Upstate Ny, John Corts sprocket cased a 6 foot tall fence yesterday, he didn’t die, and its sunny, so Life Ain’t bad… Now Playing- Blondie “maria”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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