Aaron Ross Vs Chairs…

A man was spotted hauling ass down plain st. with a chair yesterday, screaming “Aaron Ross Ain’t Shit…” I was stunned, I thought he was talking about Dave King. Chunk is working on a new product for FBM called the “Tony Hamlin face” and it should be available for Back To School. Leif Valin is into Mogwai and Goth, and sent over some pics and art. Mogwai concert pics look cool. Jeff Harrington is enjoying the soothing sounds of a magical lanscape in his office, and John Lee won Monday morning Music Trivia by getting the correct answer of ” MC Hammer-“Adam’s Family Values” from the early nineties movie soundtrack. he was later heard saying- “you can’t mess with hammer…” In product news, our stuff is kick ass, go to your local bike shop and buy some of them. Now playing- Suicidal Tendencies -“I want More”

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