Junkfood for thought!

Bob at the old bike lot bowl..

I caught up with Bob Q. of Junkfood zine, to ask him about the project, and horses-
Q and A.

1.- Name, age, location, occupation.
Bob Quirk, 22, Richmond VA. contractor i guess, never really thought of it as an occupation though. Been payed under the table all my life.

2. What is Junkfood?
Junkfood is a monthly(ish) bmx webzine. Based around the Richmond bmx scene.
3. Why is Junkfood?
why not? I take a lot of photos, putting together a zine was way more fun than just posting
them on Flickr or something. I get a lot of help from friends too, sharing stories, pictures,
thoughts etc. The zine is 100% for fun, i mean isnt that what riding bikes is about?

4. 3 things that get you stoked-
Riding with people with good attitudes, going on trips, and doing hoodrat stuff with my friends,
5. 3 things no one knows about you….
hmmmm… I hate horses, i get pretty disgusted being around or looking at them.
I Love Billy joel.
Sometimes I want to be in a musical.

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