From the root to the fruit..

Joby Springsteen is a welder at FBM, he ate shit trying to launch over a nativity scene this holiday season, and worked right up to the last minute welding bikes, to make future FBM customers happy. He is not a fan of the guy from Asbury, But I do believe he gets stoked knowing some of the welds he helps create, end up in the hands of Riders, like Mike Cottle, and Garrett Guilliams, who sent in some holiday session pics of them riding, smiling and proud to be riding bikes made by guys like Joby….Thanks to guys like Joby,MIke, and Garrett for keeping awesome a word in BMX’s vocabulary.

Garret G, enjoying the fruit.... Mike Cottle of OBMX Castleberry.....

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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