Have you seen him?

Wonton Animal Chin spotted in RVA

As long as you’re still searching for Chin, you’ve already found him, The great spirit has never died, it’s just shrouded by the mainstream herd mentality, so prevalent in the youth of today. Mikey Corts embodies the great spirit, and is on mega tour 54 with Todd, Dustin and jay Schlie of QBP. Kevin Porter is also on the trip, as is Karl Poynter. Double KP’s. A couple of photos of some more goodies available Through Last Call . miso grips, and jenkem stems ala Nice Brand. Chek that stuff out, ask your local dealer, or favorite mailorder. Happy Monday.

It's catching on again.... Beer goggles Mikey Corts, the bossman on megatour78 Mikey modeling some Nice clothing Miso grips, from NIce, available in many colors... Nice Brand Jenkem stem....

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