First Friday

Johnny Corts new custom rig.

The first Friday in Binghamton means all the art galleries in the downtown area where I live are celebrating the vibrant art scene that is thriving here. It’s not really thriving, I wouldn’t say much of anything in this area is thriving, especially the art scene, unless you count the extensive rascal scooter community as artists, and I certainly do. It’s really just a good reason to score a few glasses of boxed wine here and there and rub elbows with people you’d rather punch in the face than hang out with. I do like a glass of Franzia.

Of course FBM and Last Call distro are thriving. Interbike is creeping quickly around the corner, and I’d say were aren’t more than a few months behind schedule. We’ll be there, though, everything tends to work itself out somehow, even if it’s last minute.

Not too much to report, I barely even remember being at work this week. Johnny Corts built himself up a new bike, and that’s pretty alright being able to literally build your own bike at work. Have a stellar weekend.

No seat clamp, no seat binder, not much of anything going on here, pretty clean, Animal wedge post. This is a real deal gusset. Laser mitered 4130 cro-mo, no cold rolled steel plate. The down tube is moved up 1/4 Preparing for Interbike, portion of a custom frame display. More pieces to another frame display. Brown Howlers and Green and Red Maneaters are back in stock. This brakeless Marauder is headed out to California for a test in the legendary BMX Plus! magazine. 12 year old kids in libraries all over the country are going to be drooling.

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