Look at that ramp…

Well its not a ramp yet, but it will be!

The contest in october, is in progress, as far as getting prepared goes. Evan V. and I got the site cleared out for what will be a monster of a pallet ramp, encasing a trailer, also know as command central. Tibbs is rebuilding the regular ramp as well. More details to unfold this week, but someone will be winning a huge sandwich at this jam.
Profile has always been a huge supporter of FBM Contests, riders, and overall just helpful and awesome, for years. Last Night, Matt Coplon, who works there, was passing through with his band Light Yourself On Fire. Matt is also known as the kid with the sideburns from reversal of man, and as second runner up to John Lee, as the nicest guy in BMX, possibly the entire universe. Last night they played at a sushi bar with Brainworms, Matt Rules….

HiFi building supplies! Matt Coplon, Of Traveling wibury. Sow at a sushi bar

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