Rob Tibbs, Exodus STyle at the Unit!

On a quick afternoon, last minute daytrip to Greenville, we were lucky enough to session Ryan Nyquist’s Private ramp Mecca known as the Unit. Ryan is in Cali, but Josh, Allan and Darden had keys, and let us ride for the day, stokeage. I was also lucky enough to see a magazine called G-Vegas about the shithead nightlife in Greenville. I was Stunned, then I tore ass around the parking lot bootleg style on Allen Cookes Chopper. FUN.
Mickey MArshal, Big DAvid 4130, and the ginch Bros. are currently in Austin on the Savage South trip of madness, heres on of the days from EXPN-

Rob Darden is good at doing tricks at the unit! Bad pic, awesome dude- Josh Harrington Dea! Ty Morrow Wallride.... Wu Tang Cran and the 36 chambers... Get Loose Christian Hewitt! Allan Cooke. Honda Cm 400 over the coping! Tibbs Gturn over the  box... Steve D. Old el passout...

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