Green hubguards? Heck yes…

The Hubguards are in stock, and now available in Green, silver, black, and Gold.
These Hubguards are ideal for surfing the web, especially when the weather is good. While using your new green hubguard to surf the web, peep the new vids on the site. Dane Wild likes the new promo, mostly just cuz he was in it though.
Cameron, Tag, Derrick, and Both Tony’s have little Vids from Props Commercials on their pages now as well. check that shit out. Aaron Ross poll got switched up to add more retarded names to the list. It bumped the other poll off, but I’ll try and get them both up if possible. The 427 Boss Hogg and the Myspacer seem most popular, and most retarded, I peronally like the Ross Pirhanna. In totally unrelated news, Fisher told me that one time when he was in high school, he made a trail of french fries to an open doorway into the cafeteria, and led a few seaguls in, and when they got inside he shut the door, and the seaguls started raising all kinds hell, eating peoples food, flying around, and shitting, and all the kids started screaming, and freaking out. All the kids were super bummed, and the Principal was making anouncements over the PA, trying to find out who did it and stuff, I laughed my ass off when he told me that. Random Tony Cardona pic by David Leep, since its “Tony Cardona Is Sweet” week. Holla Dolla….

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