New stuff? yeah Mint Tingalings….

Mike Corts is a sweet dude, He loves having fun, doing gaps to flat, eating buffets, Team Major Air, and FBM products. Any interested ladies, email FBM, and we’ll set you up with a date with only guy in the machine shop with a full sized RATT tattoo. Thats the new buckle by the way. Available in a minute or two. Mike Corts will also be helping keep the shop in order while Big Dave 180’s a gap, and ends up In Austin texas for the weekend, hanging out with Ryan Corrigan, Tom and Tina from Empire, and hopefully Santana, who is a REALLY sweet dude. If you are in Austin this weekend, and see Biggie, buy him a Lonestar for us, and check out his TNT tattoo. Just don’t let it blow up in your face. In other news, ah shit, I’ll post more news later. Word to the peanut bird.

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