Luceromusic, Crunchy Black and team Major Air…

Lucero is playing in Buffalo Ny, Crunchy Black from 3 6mafia is on tour with them, doing the merch table. In 2 days, rumor of an FBM style Lucero shirt available on the very same merch table? who knows, maybe some crandallart… Gwar is playing the Team Major Air video premeire in Cleveland, the Corts brothers are stoked. Flip from Albes hooked me up with a chain and comp 3, so I wanted to send a shout out to him, thanks buddy. I was stoked on getting a comp 3, but that was nothing, I was at Bakers acres digging by myself, listening to Black Sabbath, supernaut to be precise, and guess who shows up, Crunchy Black of Three Mafia, His publicist shot a pic of us chilling, and they took off to get back to the Lucero tour. I think Crunchy was the first Oscar winner i ever had a beer with. Word. Aaron Ross pic, 180 overthe planter and down the steps, guess where, and win a slice of pizza. Now playing- Motorhead-“Louie Louie”

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