Fishty Percent!

Long time FBM OG- Friend,Brother, Maniac- Jesse Bower, AKA Fisher, AKA Fishty Centy, AKA Fifty Pence, AKA, Ithaca Is Gangsta, celebrates a Birthday today. Stoked.
We met Jesse when he was a 14 year old kid, doing feeble grinds down ledges, on a stock Gary Fisher BMX, and wearing size 13 air jordans. Fisher is now 27, still riding like a young gun, and basically just being a huge friggin ape in general.
Anyrate, Happy Birthday Kid, You rule, and we love you!

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Fishty Percent!

Fisher and Tag have been Chilling In Ithaca, hustling Police Officers on the Pool Tables, and Drinking Crystal. Look For these 2 at the Chenga Comp this weekend, being shady as all getout. Catfish Will also be there, here is a pic of him and FogHorn Leghorn, from an Ithaca Skatepark Fundraiser this summer, Kennedys Fried chicken Donated a beff patty cocoa bread with cheese for the event. 2 Pics of Dan Southwell riding the ramps at American Icon screenprinting, those guys also endorse Kennedys, and print some kick ass shirts. Look for the hammer in future updates. If any one can guess which East Coast Trail Legend is riding in this early nineties BMXplus testforce sequence, they win a saltine with Hot sauce on it, and a weekend in the mothership with Dunny, Chickenwrap and Dave Kings Parents. Holla.

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