Fisheye Friday…

Fisher's eye on friday...

Growing up, I scoured through the limited media of youth culture, bikes, skateboarding, underground music, and digested every image and bit of info i could. Some of the most impacting photos were shot with a Fisheye lens, at least the ones that stood out to me. As a youngster, reading BMX magazines with photos shot from an interesting perspective, and as a music fan, seeing amazing photos of bands via Album covers and such, I was always stoked on these great photo’s shot by the likes of CR Stecyk, Glen E Freidman, Spike Jonze. and the artists they inspired after them. Notably the infamous Minor Threat Photo, and even more recently the Spike Photo that JP Posted last week of BF, from the lost archives of GO magazine, pictures like those were worth way more than a thousand words to me….
Anyrate, I like to shoot pics, and by no means consider myself an advanced photographer, I just like cool looking stuff. Some say its cheating, some people don’t care at all, but I shot a few pictures with a Fisheye yesterday, and it got me stoked…Heres a few from the trails, and the park, while doing the bmx yesterday.

Fisher prior to the eye. Jammer, curved wall, at Bakers acres. Mickey M. at the local park, Ithaca NY. The Beastie Boys, Glen E. Poached internet pic... CR Poach One of the classics... Spike Jonze's perspective, from an old Freestylin Last but not Least, Dave King, shot by Nuno. (everything dave looks at is in fisheye mode)

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