mario mirabella bike:

fbm joint 20.75
shadow bars
redneck xlt
fit blade forks
25t animal sprocket
profile to a primo balance, 9t back wheel

shadow sealed pedals
vandero 2 to a hazard lite front
ruben tires
fly brakes
odyssey brake lever
shadow grips
fly seat
thompson seat post
fbm seat post clamp…

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Brian Mccormack (2nd Street Crew)

brian’s bike:
fbm deployer 21″
s&m race forks
fbm protect ya neck
primo bars
demolition grips
primo brake lever
fbm headset

fbm seat and seat post
dk seat clamp

fbm sprocket 25t

fbm bottom bracket
profile cranks with a ti spindle
profile mini race hubs
9t ti driver and studs…

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nicks razzano bike breakdown:

frank: whats on your bike?
nick: 21″ fbm joint-master
primo hollowbites ti spindle
kink bars & sprocket
fly tierra forks
front wheel is demolition mary kate 2 hub guards for the extra front peg

fly rim, fly ruben fold up.
28t-10t ratio with primo remix/balance stock rear wheel,

5 dollar…

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Frank Spinelli

frank’s bike breakdown:
fbm joint-master
bars, uhm, fbm ape hangers
primo grips
one animal bar end
chrome odyssey brake lever
take brake line
k-mart brakes, (brian laughing in background) hand me down profiles
primo pedals unsealed
tree sprocket hand me down
k-mart chain (eddie- was it actually from k-mart? frank-yeah)…

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Josh Reible – autopilot

frame: fbm auto pilot 20 5/8th
fork: odyssey classic dirt w/ cut steer tube
bars: macneil silencer bars cut 1in each side
stem: shadow attack
grips: animal edwins
front wheel: tree hub 36h laced to sun ryno light
rear wheel: primo pro cassette 11tooth 36h laced to an odyssey 7ka…

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Ryan Partridge – FBM Deployer custom 22

Frame: FBM Deployer custom 22″ tt w/chainstay brakes Trans Green
Fork: S&M Pitchfork LT with XLT dropouts
Stem: old FBM Bottleneck�
Bars: Slam
Cranks: early 90’s GT stamped Profiles
Pedals: S&M 101
Sprocket: S&M littleman 39t
Brakes: Revenge
Post: Fit
Clamp: XLT
Seat: old suede 3ttt Italia
Grips: ODI Longnecks…

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Adam Schnellenbach from ridley pa.

hi this is schnell(adam schnellenbach)from ridley pa. I just want to let you dudes know that my current fbm is hands down the best bike i’ve ever rode in the past 16 years of bmx.
heres some riding photos and some pictures of the bike,keep up the good work guys.…

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