Bikes, and stuff!

Josh Riebel

We got Howlers in stock, so If you are stoked on sweet bikes, have your favorite shop give us a ring…Also in from paint, is a custom Exodus Preview, for Empire. THey got an early one for a customer, but they should be out next week, and they look awesome. More empire news, Defrgrip has a dealio on Adam Roye posted. He and Owen are sweet dudes…We are having another old school dirt comp at the Belmar this summer, more details to come, so keep posted. Hopefully BF will be in attendance. We put together a short, informal edit of some trail footage we had kicking around, so peep that if you are into riding with friends, fun, and sweet dirt jumps….

Howler restock! Jordan Stewart and Dacien, visiting from Ohio. Custom Exodus for Empire Owen Loves his Mama! We love Empire too... Josh riebles new buildup on an Autopilot

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Bikes and stuff…

Here is pic of Biggie working on the Sword, we haven’t really said much specifically about it, as its still in progress, but If you stop by the booth in Vegas, you should be able to look at it first hand. Brian Foster sent me an email yesterday, the first and only email I have ever gotten from him. It read…”not the sharpest photography ever, but the point is, its fall so go hit some jumps


Dave King photo, at Posh, by the godfather of all that is awesome in BMX.
In other news, Brian Ozbourne’s new project has a write up on the Dig Site peep that shit yo! NYC weekend?

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Bikes, and stuff

An impromtu trip to North Carolina had myself, Gilly Smalls, and Mr B. in some better weather, and riding some bikes.We saw Andrew Lorek, aka weird beard, if you saw the Albert Street post on the Come up last week, you might have seen beard, or his ass, in that Vid. He definitely holds a spot in the archives at fbm, and is still riding and digging trails on a lettuce farm, near a swamp in Castle hayne. We checked out dave Mirra’s new park, and witnessed a game of BMX, between, Gilly, Mr. B, dave Mirra, and guettler, amongst others. Mr B held his own. Stoked. The ramps were fun and we even got to see Austin Coleman in action. His Ipod is almost as wild as his riding. Good times. Any rate, more nws in a lil bit…..

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