A handful of the FBM crew headed to NYC for the animal jam this weekend. For Chunk and I it started in Newburgh at American Icon, and then the sketchiest Kennedy’s I have ever been to because Chunk “had” to get a beef patty. There was a full on riot, in a scene that could have been the Bronx in 1980. A woman with no pants was punching another woman, while loud hispanic music blaired, and people danced, and smoked Newport Cigarettes… We ended up at a Kennedy’s in Bushwick as well near the Blackout Riots of the 70’s as well. So Nuts. Any rate, the Animal jam was Banannas, Sir Isaac Muffington made us Lunch, Big James bunny hopped 3 UFC fights, everyones bikes got stolen, and Robbie Kneviel ran over a kid on a bmx bike, while trying to jump the East River Canyon on a harley. Tony Cardona showed up and kicked ass, and hundreds of riders shredded the ramps that Corrigan was hired to build. Watching the locals unload and help out friday night was a sight as well. So Crazy this weekend….I don’t even know how to describe it. Great times, BMX is awesome sometimes, even amidst the chaos.

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