Big Grin.

Big Grin, Wormz and friends playing music in NYC!

Mr. B, the Pennsylvania transplant turned Brooklyn Gym Teacher Icon, sent over some amazing photos of Wormz’ Band, known simply as “Big Grin”. All Smiles at the show, as they rocked the house. Stoked on Riders that do more than just Ride, expect updates this week on Joel Barnett’s band, as well as Tom Blyth’s, and Garrett Guillliams. Rock and Roll Bike Party. Maneaters are back in stock, and in wonderful contrast to each other, one being green, the other being red. We are working on developing our own plastic seat/post combo at FBM, possibly the lightest yet. The last time BMX was dominated by plastic seats and pedals, We were awarded the movie “RAD”, lets cross our fingers. In other news, the Angry Samoans are not politically correct, but man are they awesome. Steak Knife- hole in my head…….

Thanks to Mr. B for the pics.... Maneater Restock Stoked on Bikes. back to the future...

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