Berlin is fun, fun is Kick ass…

The Rebel Jam is done, and It really was a good time, Berlin is amazing, there are crazy spiders in the Hotel, Stew Met a German version of Dunny, and Everyone had a blast. We The people had a High Jump over a cow, and Tony Hamlin won $100 euros for going 7 feet to flat, and Aaron Ross also won a $100 euros for doing a tailwhip and a 360 to flat. Over a cow. Stunning. We got to do some sightseeing, saw amazing european historical buildings as we as the Berlin wall. Nyquist knocked a window out of the bus (sightseeing tour), and Tom Blyth, Tunney and I jumped out in the middle of the city, and got lost. Pro Street got Rained out, and I think 3 pros each won mini and dirt. 1 pro won for Creativity, hardest trick, and style, separately. Pretty cool. Gary Young rode awesome, winning with a huge 360 transfer. The after parties were all crazy, and there was a photo art show that was really well done at the comp. Anyway, it was super fun, lots of great people hanging out, awesome riding, and plenty of laughs…..

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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