Back To work…

I arrived Back in the states, and ended up back at work, and the entire machine shop, (nearly) had mustaches. Daves was real deal, the rest of the gang had little tiny baby mustaches, like they’d been sitting in the parking lot of Anaheim Stadium, trying not to drive 55. Clint Reynolds, the clean shaven New Hampshire Bad ass, is guest welding at FBM, and opted out on the facial ornamentation. The Shop guys also just got back from a weekend Team Major Air Trip, in tags Veggie Bus, taht had the boys All the Way to Louisville and back. In other news, Derrick Girard is with Dave King in Puerto Rico, and I am not exactly sure why, or what he is up to. I imagine something strange though.FATBMX has some coverage of the rebel Jam posted, as does Woozy , with this clip of Tony Hamlin Jumping & feet over a cow, to flat… More news later?

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