Fish Fry and Shout Outs

I love friday! What is better then Fish Fry and Shout Outs and i just started to listen to Melt-Banana. Three Bike shops earn this weeks shout outs, the First is 9 Star in Los Angeles CA, Meron helps rep FBM on the west coast, and is working hard to end East Coast vs. West Coast hip hop rivalry by going undercover to find out who shot Tupac and Biggie. 9 Star is also opening up a new local in Mission Vijeo CA, and They are hiring. The second shop is Adventure Bike Company in Arizona, Tyler is a awesome dude, and doesn’t mind being knocked around by Derrick Girard during the Kink Demolition Derby. Tyler also is TM of Kronik Energy Drink, which taste so good. Lastly High Gear Cyclery in NJ. High Gear has two locations, one in Millburn and the other in Stirling. Rodney just put together his new Autopilot. If you live in the near any of these shops, stop in and grab a new FBM Catalog, check out some goods and support your local shop.

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