Back to the Future!

Stontt Yoquelet! by Josh ORR

One of my favorite riders, and an all time great, Scott Yoquelet has been around since the 80’s as a young ripper in the Indiana scene, and today he is still shredding, on an FBM and as rad as ever. Check out Scotty in these pics shot by Josh Orr, or in the FBM vids below from the early 90’s. Get Rad!

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Back to the future.

Jay anderson- Steadfast shredfest

You could spend all day on the interwebster watching online videos, and you would never see anything as ridiculous as Kennedy’s Fried Chicken on Main St. Binghamton NY, at 3am. In the meantime, check out one or more of the FBM related Web Videos that are online, posted below and get stoked. Wormz was spotted on the Animal site this weekend, as well as the Group Home site.
in other news, new FBM Products are rolling in and out the doors at Last Call and distributors worldwide.
If you want to see more FBM related videos, cruise on over to the Props website, they have the original ghetto comp, as well as some other archived videos from FBM events and trips.

More Wormz news soon as well as other product updates…

Wormz and C- hunk

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