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Mike Tag and Leland had a Party celebrating the long delayed release of their video, Triple Whopper was in the house, and was overheard saying some wild quotes. Captain Fun was stoked, as was Ken and the Corts brothers. Leland called us peeing his pants from Laughing so Hard. Also in celebration, was the fact that John Lee went to Canal street and got mixtapes for Chunk and himself to listen to. The Jumpoff son. Jumpoff some dirt mounds in Utah. Cameron Wood held a jam at some trails, and over 70 riders showed up for fun, laughing and goodtimes (riding trails). Its cool that Cam takes the time to throw an event that brings a lot of riders in the area together. Its even cooler when some of those riders are legends like Elf, Fuzzy, Berringer and Mike Aitken. Cameron kicks ass, and shoule be arriving in NY sometime Tomorrow afternoon. When you drive around in a 250,000$ car, you aint gonna give it up just cuz someone is waving a gun around. Now Playing- Bad Religion- “entropy”

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Yeah News….

The main pic is from the back cover of the new FBM catalog,Its cameron wood shot By Terra, Cam Rules. Heres a close up of Aarons new bike as well. Check the odyssey site for his bike check they posted… Jim Bauer is a wild man by the way, his Bio in the new props is off the charts. The bottom pic is of John Corts, after drinking too much booze, becuase he missed a Stephen Pearcy concert in Rochester.
Now pLaying- Bob Dylan- “Outlaw Blues”

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