Aaron Ross Prototype, and Tony Cardona Mowing hard…

Here are a couple more pics from Greenville, Tony Cardona riding the subrail, and DIALING it right in, and the sketchy pic is of Morgan Wade, 3 million feet in the air, doing a superman tailwhip. I have never seen anyone ride like Morgan Wade before. It is really strange how good he is. Aaron Ross, the bike rider, not the Department store, is Very pumped on his new Prototype Frame, pictured here. He put it together Saturday, and will be testing it for a while, as will be his buddy Ryan Smith. The release date for the frame has not been set yet, and no one is quite sure what the man in the short purple shorts is thinking, but Leif Valin has probably already come up with a dozen laughables resulting from that photo. Toronto Metro is this weekend, a crew of us will be there, Tony C, Tony Hamlin, Aaron Ross, and Dane Wild will all be flying the FBM colors in Pro class, so it should be fun.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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