Wormz wins thursday…

Check out this boost at the Brooklyn Banks By Ruel Smith, Straight badass. New postcard from Ralph Sinisi and the crew at Animal. Nice! From Time to time we get pics of people with their new FBM whips built up, here are probably my favorite submissions to date, from Andy Wright, aka the Leighton Buzzard! We are Archiving old FBM art, from old FBM t-shirts or FBM tattoos, or anything from the past years at FBM…send any pics to info@fbmbmx.com . For More history lessons you can peep Todd Lyons’ journal he has been posting, from the wild 90s. Will Todd Lyons be at the Belmar next weekend? We are rooting for Him, Dave Johnson, AKA Caveman Dave, Dirty johnny, and the Perkasie crew. We are also hoping to see Herb Hill, Kevin Landis, anyone from Toledo Ohio, the Flying Squirrel, Joey Garcia, and any other Old School Dirt Jumping Legends. Get Jody Donnelly on the horn….Life’s a Beach! 50 50 BMX is having a sale on Joint Frames, and sent over this siamese pigtiger to let us know. Holla….

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