Wormz is SMOOOTH!

Wormz and the Corts Bros. are on the road with Joel Barnett, hitting up spots in the Ohio area, hopefully meeting up with Bad Boy Garret Guilliams. Wormz, also Known as Ruel Smith, Not to be confused with Diamondback of the neck rider, Ruel Ekkerson, is a NYC Legend, and all star badass. Just in case you weren’t sure. John Corts goes tanning. Jim Bagg, also a Legend in his own time, stopped by FBM, sans atlatl, with good news about some FBM tooling in Development. Jim’s an outrageous guy by nature, and his presence must have influenced JP, as he went into fashion show mode, try and hang with Jim’s snazzy attire. Squareone is hosting a Jump Comp/Jam at Mark Potoczny’s house this weekend, be there, or eatshit nicely somewhere else. Square one founder, Kris Bennet, has a speedy Gonzales Tattoo, and will pendulum kick you in the face circa the early 90’s. Bert Elliot of square one will also be on hand selling Oatmeal no bake cookies, and cold refreshing beverages. NICE!

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