Riding pics from the weekend…

It was a holiday weekend, and for a lot of folks, it marks the end of summer, so we had a little get together at the trails, and a bunch of riders showed up and had some fun. The jumps were running good, and some that hadn’t run in about 5 years. KB and Al Zalewa Jumped a HUGE set, with a soft sketchy lip at high speeds, putting some MX into saturday’s bmx. It was awesome. Vic Bettencourt came down from Circuit BMX in Providence and shredded, as did Gilly Smalls who came up from Btown. Lots of people came, actually tons of riders from around the area, it was nuts, 5 different fires, made it seem like a gypsy carnival, and lots of extracirricular activities. BBQ festival. Any rate, for some of us, it was just how we like, riding bikes, hanging out with buddies, and just living it. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too, however it gets done. Have Fun everyday!

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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