Win a free FBM Frame!

To celebrate how awesome Tony Cardona is, and how much he and Aaron love Pizza, we are going to raffle away an FBM frame. Last Call is having a bunch of sales, including Manmade gear, so click HERE to find out how to enter the raffle. In unrelated news, I saw Tommy Ramone play Mandolin this weekend. Jeff Harrington has come out with a cleverly named brake Cable for THE TAKE, you can see on that website, and If you think Josh Stricker is as awesome as I do, you can Check out Defgrip for a spot on him. Lastly, Animalsent up some of the new Tour DVD’s which I am pretty stoked on, Wormz has some awesome clips in it, as does OSSO, and Big James, who is a serious machine on wheels. Thanks Ralph.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall