Tony And Aaron update.

Just a quick news blurb…. PIcs courtesy of DevDawg. Aaron and Tony are in Arizona or New Mexico, Tony Is riding a new Frame that is a slick green, more news on that later, anyhow The 2 are filming for the Empire Video so keep your ear to the ground on that one. Tony Hamlin was doing Demos all weekend In Rochester, and Cameron Wood is in Utah with Elf, feeding dragon statues. I’ll post some good news later on today. Stay tuned. Its better than the band Nitro, and almost as awesome as their hair. Oh and random Trivia answers, Frank Bertke from Dans guessed the 2 old rider pics correctly, the moto air is Magilla, aka Gilly Smalls, circa’89 or so, and the Frog air Superman is none other than yours truly (crandall) sometime in the mid 90’s at the Greenville Jaycee park. Some folks noticed Jeff Harrington Lurking in the background, and some people guessed it was either Dave Voelker or Jamie Spritzer. Weird. Someone even emailed accusing Gilly of Being Robbo in that old pic. Dave King will get a kick out of that.

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