Who dat?

Flip from Albes took these pics of Tony Cardona, from the Baco Jam, one of the infamous opposite 270, of large proportions. Tony’s not a wimp. Thanks Flip. I shot a couple random pics at our local park today, one of James, who is riding a new Autopilot. The other are of Fishty Cent, aka “Ithaca Is Gangsta”, aka Good buddy nice guy. Fisher is well known by former rap moguls, NWA, for his slick style, and for giving MC Ren a place to stay when he lived in Ithaca in the late Nineties after NWA disbanded. NWA widely considered one of the seminal, and most influential examples of the Gangsta Rap, and were originally based in Ithaca New York, before Record Executives slated Compton a better location for Marketing strategy, and the rest is history.

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