Killa Cam, Fire, Beer, Mayhem…

Killa Cam, aka Cameron Wood, is currently in Baltimore with Fuzzy, and Elf, Building Dirt Jumps for the Dew tour. Dennis Mccoy was poolside listening to the Ghetto Boys, and was able to confirm this. Chris hancock showed up at Bakers acres, sans whip, and proceeded to dial in the Red bike over some jumps, while Fishty Cent told Kelly Baker stories about jumping through windows to get away from crazy eyed pitbulls, or something. Yesterday was ‘Art” day at FBM, Mike corts, is actually an art prodigy. John Paul, aka, “Not Freddy Chulo” has been dialing in art as well, when asked, “when did you become a graphic designer?” his response was – “last monday”. Good enough. Whats was even more interesting was the ZZ Top discussion. I had No idea about “burger Man”. Are these guys really retarded, or weirdly prolofic? Either way, Dyaln Cole is stoked. Beef Patty Cocoa Bread with cheese. Now playing-Jawbreaker, “outpatient”

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