What, you thought we just did stupid updates?

Hubguards are back in stock, and are in the same style as the original ones, that work better. Corey Martinez uses these, so does Van Homan and many oth famous street riding enthusiasts. We will have them in various colors next week as well. ramp stickers are also available, as well as the new Longsleeves, and Straight Shootin Hoodys, both printed by The boys at American Icon who have done an amazing job helping us out lately. Thanks guys, I owe you a beer or 3 dozen. Richard Pryor’s nephew Louis works at their shop as a shipping clerk, and Rumours of Dave Chappele (louis’ pal) stopping into the shop there have been mentioned as well. Bigtimers. Rob and Andy can throw down some mean fastplants on the quarterpike as well. Holla.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall